For each type of pest problem, our experts have a wide range of solutions at their disposal. We use the latest, safest & most effective Pesticide chemicals, approved and recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) and EPA (Environment Protection Agency). The chemicals used by "Gravitas KSA" are safe to residents, pets and environment and are in accordance to the Saudi Pesticide regulations & Manufacturer's recommended application instructions.

Building and construction pest control

Building and construction pest control required because of termite. Termite infestation is difficult to detect as they work from the inside to the outside. Termites need cellulose to survive and your belongings like wood (your furniture, boxes or even wooden flooring, doors and window frames) and paper are majorly at risk.

Termites actually live hundreds of feet below the ground (right near the foundation of your house or building). Termite infestation is not in numbers of tens or hundreds. There would be huge colonies in thousands that you have to deal with. They spread their wings in no time eating into every corner of your home or office. If neglected you might just not have anything left in a few months time.

We are fully qualified in the installation of Cordon Termite Barrier and our services are of the highest quality. We make it our priority to stay up-to-date with the latest installation methods and utilize the considerable expertise of our staff to make sure our clients receive the highest quality service.

Industrial Pest Control

We have been in industrial pest management business for5 years and have built a solid reputation in the Saudi market. Our company’s success can be explained by the fact that customer satisfaction has been always our highest priority.

Our industrial pest control services are centered at specific needs of particular industry. We understand that different industries like pharmaceutical, food & beverages, retail, health and others have unique requirements. We are armed with experts in particular industries who are acquainted with the industry-specific knowledge.

Our expert technicians are the best in what they do. They have experience in doing all types of industrial pest extermination and control jobs. Our industrial pest control experts can help you with exterminating roaches, rats, mice, squirrels, pigeons and more.

Offshore, Marine and ports pest control

Our Pest Control service benefits for the offshore industry. We use the latest techniques and pest management solutions to control and eradicate infestations.

Our company is certified and licensed to perform pest services for offshore oil rigs, cruise ships, drilling ships, and shipping ports. Most issues that occur offshore are not naturally occurring. They are due to people or commodities being transported to the areas. Once the pests are there, pest populations often explode because the pests do not have anywhere else escape. They must die or thrive.